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Truth about absIn today’s world, everybody wants to stay fit and is seemingly obsessed with six pack abs. All the youngsters want to have a six pack abs and they sweat out a lot in the gym to get the same. So many people are using so many methods to get the six pack abs like avoiding a lot of things from their diet, sit ups, crunches etc. But I myself have also seen that after cutting out a lot of things from their daily meal and also, working out a lot in gym they still haven’t been able to get the six pack abs. So, it raises a big question that which is the best method and how one can get the six pack abs? I believe I have found a fantabulous written book The Truth About Six Pack Abs which has a sure shot answer of the question.

About the book

Currently, The Truth about Six Pack Abs is the #1 ranked Abdominal eBook in the world with more than 539,000 readers in 163 countries to date. The numbers that I have just mentioned speaks a volume about the popularity of the book. It’s one of the best-selling eBook for several years now.

About the author

The book is written by Mike Geary. He is a certified Nutrition Specialist and a certified Personal trainer. He is just a normal guy like all of us but has a passion for fitness. He has spent a lot of years doing personal training. He is also an accomplished writer. He has his own websites and has also written many articles and books on fitness.

Truth About Abs Overview

Truth about abs program is designed based on a basis of scientific and biological principles. You can get a six pack abs by having a proper nutrition and improving your bad eating habits. Since he is a certified nutrition specialist so whatever advice he gives on nutrition is based on several years of experience that he has in this field. The program has not been designed to lose fat overnight. The book has several meal combinations for both genders and it also clearly mentions the nutrition value of each food so you can customize the food as per you necessity. The program discourages eating of processed goods as it will never let you have the six pack abs that you always want.

What does the program comprise of?

  1. It consists of 120+ pages ‘truth about abs’ PDF ebook. Mike has used a very simple language and has also shown pictorial representation of all the exercises so it’s very easy to understand. As it’s very important that you do the exercises in a right manner so pictorial representation helps a lot in this regard. It has over 70 meal combinations which help both male and female. Since there is no one particular combination that suits all so you can select the one that suits you and customize it as per your necessity.
  2. It also contains complimentary PDF ebooks written by Mike Geary.
  3. You will also access the regular updates to the program.
  4. You will also receive weekly email training series.

Final Conclusion

I really don’t want to create any hype about this program. But if you are serious about getting six pack abs then this is the program to go with because it provides a sure shot solution for the same. Our call for this program is Buy Buy Buy!!

To buy ‘Truth About Abs’ program, please visit the official website.

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3 thoughts on “Truth About Abs

  1. Beneficial information and facts. Fortunate my family I ran across your web blog accidentally, for stunned exactly why this coincidence don’t happened prior! I saved the item.

  2. just these 8 min once a day for about 2 months then i got tired of the ronitue and dropped to once every two days (I hate ronitue). now i’m struggling to get back to once a day.just don’t overestimate your determination as if you do this twice a day, you’ll get tired twice fight ronitue a added a plank exercise at the end where i go until failure. that adds a bit more challenge since the max time increases every day.

  3. Im a 26 yr old male. I have been doing this for about a year everyday. I also jog 8-10 kms 5 times a week. I eat clean. Whole wheat ceearl and bread in the morning with skim milk, and lots of protien and vegetables for the rest of the day. I have 5 small meals with breakfast being the biggest. No fast food. Lots of water and green tea. I never eat after 7pm. I have lost 54 pounds and have kept it off. This workout works. I can see my abs. Thumbs up.

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