The Jump Manual

Jump manualThe Jump Manual is a systematically designed ebook which focuses on exercises, stretches and diets to ensure that your vertical jumping increases by several inches. The manual claims that if it’s followed in a proper way then it can increase your vertical jump by ten to twenty five inches. Currently, there is no other such program available in the market that can guarantee to increase your vertical jump by that much. Now a question arises that do we have a reason to believe these claims or is it also just like any other program? We have done the review of this program. Here we will share both pros and cons of the program.

Who developed this program?

The program was developed by Jacob Hiller. He is a basketball coach and trainer. As we all know that vertical jump is one of the most important things in basketball. So, as a coach, his one of the main focus area is to improve the vertical jumps of his athletes. With his years of experience, he has developed a way to increase the vertical jumps of his athletes. He has put all his knowledge and experience in this great manual.

How Jump Manual will help me?

The program is basically designed in 3 main parts to improve your vertical jumping ability:-

Part 1: It’s a complete fitness routine which will help you improve muscle growth so that you can jump higher.

Part 2: In this part you will understand the right nutrition required by your body. You will have the right diet which will increase your energy and strength.

Part 3: Last but not the least; you will have a chance to have a one on one coaching with the author. You can ask your questions via email which means that you are getting personal training from one of the best coaches.

There are a lot of sports that would require you to jump higher like basketball and volleyball. Whether you take sports as a career or as a hobby, vertical jump is definitely an advantage and will improve your performance. It’s also a great way for those who want to stay fit and healthy.


  • The biggest advantage of this program is that it guarantees to increase your vertical jump to ten inches in only 12 weeks.
  • The program will give you complete workout chart which is very easy to understand and follow.
  • The program will give you exact nutrition plan as per your body requirements which will help to train your body for muscle building mode.
  • In case you have any question, you can ask directly from Jacob Hiller via emails.
  • You will also get an access to entire video library of training videos.


  • You should be doing the exercises in a correct manner to improve your jumps.
  • You may not get the desired results immediately. You will have to religiously follow the program and gradually, you will definitely see the improvement in your vertical jump.

Our conclusion

jump manual ratingThe Jump Manual program has been used by countless number of athletes all over the world. It has helped them to increase their vertical jump to 10 inches and more in a very short span of time. It doesn’t matter what age you are and whether you want to improve your vertical jump to enhance your performance in a sport, it will unlock all of your abilities and soon you will see the improvement in your vertical jump. It is also a great way to strengthen your muscles, improve you energy level and stay healthy. You might have already spent some time and money in other programs but only to be disappointed by the lack of results. This is where Jump Manual comes in. It’s your time and hard earned money so you should invest it at the right place. Also, you will get a feeling of achievement when you will see the improved results at the end of the day. I am sure that there is nothing better in the world to have such feeling. We would definitely recommend the program. You will never regret such a smart investment in your future.

To buy ‘The Jump Manual’ program, please visit the official website.

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